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Gardening and Tending

My attendance on this blog has been lacking. Okay, my attendance on all my blogs has been lacking. Even though I said on my other blog that I was going to get better about it. No, really, I want to be better at it.

I want to be better at a lot of things. My audiobooks have taken up a major percentage of my focus and time right now. I want great sounding audiobooks, so I’ve been working really hard at learning how to record, edit, and master great sounding audio. That’s even harder than it sounds. Especially when I keep finding problems in the hardware. Frustration and I are good friends now. Plus, I’ve been trying to update my ebook files (including correcting known issues in the files) so I can re-release them for wider distribution. I know that in today’s world it’s so easy to make corrections that it’s best to fix forward and I do believe in this “gardening and tending” philosophy. I know that nothing I ever do will be perfect (I’m not a perfectionist), but I start with as near as I can get and fix forward. I’m not sure how that will work with audiobooks, so that does scare me a bit, but we shall see what happens.

But another aspect of fixing forward is making sure you learn from your mistakes and doing your best to apply the knowledge next time. That’s always been my purpose here with betterwriterblog. I want to point out mistakes so that they can be avoided in the first draft. I don’t want anyone to get bogged down in editing so much that they never get around to releasing their stories. I also see now how this is my journey to be a better writer myself. I am in the process of teaching myself too. I think I’ll be tweaking my scope here to illustrate things I’m learning about being a writer as I make my journey. It’s not about the destination (whether that be a completed book or where you want to end up in life), it’s about the journey (how one continues to grow, even when that growth is painful).  I hope that what I share helps you become a better writer too.