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Enter the Novihomidraks!

I currently released a short story in electronic and audio formats. It’s called Fractured Echo.


I wrote Fractured Echo entirely in the dark, as Dean Wesley Smith talks about. I tried his looping technique. Honestly, I still went back through and had to do a re-read of the entire thing. I “edit” like I normally do; by this I mean that I fix things that don’t make sense to me or are weird. There are just some sentences that I can feel aren’t complete. I make them deeper. I’m sure Dean does this in his loops, which I was also doing, but I still felt like I needed that one final time to make sure everything tied together. I have accepted that this final read is just part of my process (for now at least – three years from now, maybe I won’t need to do it anymore).

It took a few days to write and finalize this story. While working on it, it was hard to not become invested in the characters. While I was talking to my youngest son about it one day, I mentioned that I felt I wasn’t done with these characters, and that I had more stories to tell with them. He just grinned at me and said, “Of course.” Maybe that’s why the ending feels so abrupt to me. I will warn you know, the outside influences of the story don’t get finished – they are still going on. Okay, some of the internal issues aren’t fully resolved either, but I get Echo to a place she needs to be. The story told me to end it there. Literally, it screamed at me not to go on. So I didn’t. It leaves it hanging, as I’ve found most short stories do. But, I feel that at some point I will be back with these characters. They might just be minor characters in another story, but I love the aspects and possibilities these characters bring with them. It’s just too good to pass up.

I should also mention that this is a formal introduction to my novihomidraks, which anyone reading this blog will be partially familiar with. Novihomidraks are officially what I’m calling my “dragon born” in my Dragons of Wellsdeep story. Those of you who have been reading my Sacred Knight series will also notice the crossover of the saperes (a word meaning “wise ones”). While the saperes outside of the Sacred Knight world are different from those in the world, I will eventually tie the two together so it explains the development of the sapere class in Sacred Knight. Confused? Yeah, sorry. I was too (and still am a little bit), but I trust the process. It knows better than me what to do. I trust and follow. I allow myself to be blindfolded and lead the through dark when I’m writing. For me, that’s the adventure of storytelling; I want to be surprised too.

I should also mention that this is not for children. Like my Loki series, this is more adult, probably even more so than The Loki Adventures even. So just be warned if you have kids around that this does have mild language and sexual content. I have made the decision to market all my work under one name because I enjoy writing for kids, teens, and adults, as well as merging teens and adults when I can as in my Sacred Knight series, and in doing so, I will be trying to make sure that my work always in the right hands. There’s a lot of things I can do to target which audience a work is for (such as being open and honest in posts like this), but at some point I have to trust readers to take responsibility too.

I invite you to check out Fractured Echo – available on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and other formats, You can also find it on iTunes and Audible.