Submit your work to the blog

I am looking for writers who want to improve their craft.

If you fit this bill and would like to submit your work to be seen on the blog, here’s how:

Copy 250 words (maximum) from your story, preferably the first page, and paste it into an email with the subject Better Writer Blog. After you’ve pasted in the submission, let me know if this is a work you’ve already published or if it’s currently in manuscript form. If you have already published your story and it’s available on Amazon, please tell me how to find it so that I may link to it in case readers want more. This is your moment to share your work too. You may include information about you as an author if you have published. If this is from a later section in your manuscript, please give me a short synopsis of what your story is about. Think of this as the blurb on the back of your book, but without the hooks — I need to know what your story is about. I will not share the synopsis of the story unless I feel that it is necessary for my readers to understand; however, I will contact you first just to make sure that I’m not giving away spoilers in your story.

That said, all works must be fiction and written in English. You must be the copyright holder and understanding that you are allowing me to use the copy you are giving me at your own free will. I will give you an honest critique through my blog, shared with the world.

I play fair. I’m not out to steal your story (I have plenty of my own, thank you!) or to rip you off. I expect you to do the same. This is for the benefit of making you a better writer and sharing that experience with other authors to help them out as well. Together, we can give the world better stories.

If you are ready to begin the adventure, send your email to:


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