My Mission

I want to read fiction again.

I want to make you a better writer.

These are my reasons for writing this blog.

See, we’ve gotten to a day and age where editors no longer groom their writers like they once did. They expect writers to already know how to write by the time they approach an editor. But editors are busy in meetings trying to sell the books they like to the publishing house that they pass on the task of actually reading the manuscript to assistants. Everyone is looking for the next best-SELLING author. Even the authors themselves want to sell.

It’s a travesty that no one wants to learn their craft anymore.

As a result, I put many promising books down after reading the first paragraph. Yes, in one paragraph I can tell if you have studied writing at all, if you’ve ever had a teacher or critique partner that really made you get into how you put words on a page other than just slapping them down.

I want to enjoy fiction again, like I once did before I really learned my craft. Now when I read fiction, I get so tripped up over the writing that I can’t follow the story. I want to grab my red pen and show the author how to do it better. You’ll get there too. (That’s a warning: if you want to remain a reader, go no further on this blog. But do me a favor and never write anything ever again. It’s okay to be a reader. We need people who just read. But if you honestly look at me and say that you can’t stop writing, that it’s a creative fire in your veins, then listen to my advice well and make yourself a better writer. You will, unfortunately, probably not be able to read most of the horrendous things being published today though.)

There has also been a belief come out in today’s world that it’s better to be a best-selling author than a best-writing author. I dislike┬áthis mentality. You should still know your craft, know how to tell a good story. It’s okay if you don’t know everything. It’s okay to get your story out into the world even if it’s not perfect. It never will be perfect in your eyes. But, it should be worthy of someone’s time to read it.

I’ve judged contests on local, state, and national levels. If you’ve been on the end of one of my critiques, chances are that my comments have stung a bit. I have a belief that “warm fuzzies” help no one. I want you to get better. I want you to improve your writing. (Find out how here)

I wrote a book called The Write Edit based on things about writing that I learned while judging these contests. But throwing your baby out in the world doesn’t guarantee success. I though authors would flock to it when I told them what I could do for them. However, as I even illustrate in the book, there is a big difference between telling your story and showing you story. It’s time I quit telling you about my awesome editing book and show you why you need it.

Then, in return, I hope you write an awesome piece of fiction that I can read and enjoy.

Shall we begin?