Dragons of Wellsdeep- pages 26 & 27 edit

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Dragons of Wellsdeep_pg27_Dawn Blair

Dragons of Wellsdeep_pg26_edit_Dawn Blair

Dragons of Wellsdeep_pg27_edit_Dawn Blair

I actually like page 26 a lot. I didn’t have too much to say in the way of edit comments. I do have a couple things to check. You’ll notice that one of my notes is to “check compendium.” What’s that all about?

When I was reading about screenplay writing – I dare not say “studying” because I don’t think I went that deep – I learned that a lot of tv shows keep “bibles.” This is a list of characters, traits, habits, gestures, episodes – essentially everything a new writer would need to know when he/she started writing for the show. It was at time when I was working on my Sacred Knight story and I knew there would be a lot of characters and information. My character, Steigan, has a birthmark on one of his palms and I could never remember which side it was on. I finally made a decision that it was in his sword hand – a link between him, his sword, and his magic. But then one day I encountered a picture I had flipped just to make the composition better. Now his sword was in his left hand instead of his right. Really confusing! I had to go back to my compendium of notes just to get it straightened out in my head again. The side effect of this was that I now had my subconscious working on why he was carrying his sword in his left hand, and sure enough, it spit out the answer. Yeah, flipping that picture actually moved the story into the realm where the story is now. But that’s getting too far off course. The important thing is that you need to have a central place where you write down details that you will someday need to reference. I call this my “compendium.”

I have a compendium for Sacred Knight and I have one started for Dragons of Wellsdeep, both of which I keep in Celtx. I have a compendium for The Loki Adventures in Evernote because at this point I don’t need something as robust as Celtx, though I will probably need to convert soon when I start writing true episodic adventures. I have lots of notebooks in Evernote which serve as beginning compendiums for several other stories.

So, when I say, “check compendium,” I hope that I have my information already in the compendium and don’t have to go searching back through the story for the details. In this case that is fairly easy because I know it was in the prologue or in the first chapter when I established the names for the weapons.

Page 27 doesn’t look too disastrous, but I do have some areas to expand, places where I can show information rather than telling. I am on the fence about whether or not I want Balthier’s statement to be separate from the following paragraph or not. I think if I merge it all into one now, I’m going to need to break up that awfully long paragraph.

Well, that’s all I have for now.

Until next time, happy writing!